28 June 2011

WinZip 15 Standard Plus

WinZip 15 Standard Plus

Product Description

Compress Files
  • Zip and unzip files quickly and easily
  • Create Zip, LHA, and Zipx files (our smallest Zip file ever)
  • Open Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA, BZ2, CAB, IMG, ISO, and many more
  • Reduce JPEG image files by 20-25%
  • Create self-extracting Zip files
Encrypt Files
  • Password-protect confidential files and email attachments with strong AES encryption
  • Define your own password policy
  • Auto-wipe ("shred") temporary copies of encrypted files after viewing
Share Files
  • Bundle files into compact, logical groups ideal for sharing
  • Zip files into small, secure email attachments that don't bounce
  • Zip and email files directly from the WinZip window
  • Resize and zip photos to share faster and fit a variety of screen sizes

WinZip 15 Plus combines WinZip 15 Standard and WinZip Courier 3.0

WinZip 15

New Zip Engine
WinZip 15 introduces an entirely new and powerful zip engine! Enabled by WinZip 15's performance architecture and taking advantage of multi-core processers and multi-threaded support, this zip engine creates Zipx files 30% to 50% faster than the previous version while achieving the same impressive compression results. The new zip engine also compresses certain standard Zip files up to 25% faster!
Simplified Interface
WinZip 15's refined menu designs and more intuitive icons improve upon the WinZip interface, delivering an even better user experience.
New WinZip Desktop Gadget
WinZip 15 introduces a revolution in file compression and file sharing with its groundbreaking desktop gadget. Now you can zip, unzip, and zip and email files without opening the WinZip application--simply drag files onto the WinZip Desktop Gadget for instant compression and email capabilities.
Improved Zip & Email capabilities
WinZip 15 includes convenient Zip and E-mail tools so that you can zip, encrypt, and email a file directly from the WinZip window without having to open any other applications. This allows you to work without interruption and share files swiftly, safely, and seamlessly!
WinZip 15's Zip & Email function includes an image resizer that allows you to resize, zip, and email a set of images in one easy step!
New email/webmail support
WinZip 15 provides extensive support for most email and webmail applications--once configured, you can zip and email files from virtually any email address! In addition to Microsoft Outlook, WinZip 15 is already configured to support these popular webmail systems: Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail by Google.

WinZip Courier

  • Does it take forever to send emails with large file attachments?
  • Have you ever had emails bounce because their attachments exceeded server size limits?
  • Worried that someone other than your intended recipients can access your email attachments?
For many of us, emailing files to coworkers, family, and friends is a regular part of our day. We often need to send large file attachments via email--files such as slide-show presentations, image-heavy documents, photos/videos, and confidential forms. Unfortunately, because of the restrictions of email, you may often encounter issues associated with sharing such files:
  • delayed delivery
  • blocked or bounced emails
  • congested network links
  • mailbox overloading
  • increased security risks
WinZip Courier helps eliminate these emailing issues--automatically! With state-of-the-art compression and encryption technology, Courier delivers the power of WinZip where it's needed most--your email system! This easy-to-use tool seamlessly integrates with your email application to automatically zip and protect outgoing files as you work. Simply write your email, attach your files, and click Send--Courier does the rest!

Key Features

Zip email attachments automatically
Because it works behind the scenes with your system, WinZip Courier takes the worry and frustration out of email without adding any unnecessary steps to your work. Simply write an email and attach your files as usual. When you hit the Send button, Courier automatically compresses your attachments into a single, small package before sending the email--all without any additional clicks!
Protect your email attachments
Sending confidential information? Use Courier's 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption to password-protect your attachments from unauthorized access. Courier combines strong encryption with temporary file wiping/shredding to ensure the security of attachments shared over email.
Enjoy Seamless Integration
Once installed, Courier blends seamlessly into your system so that you can start enjoying its functionality immediately!
Populating Microsoft Outlook Toolbars
Courier automatically populates the Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007 ribbon interface with familiar, easy-to-use buttons. In Microsoft Outlook 2003, Courier builds its own toolbar so that zip/encrypt features are just a simple click away.




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